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Where does Alessia Rodari display her works?
Alessia Rodari’s works are on display in the Art Gallery in Alassio (SV), Piazza Partigiani,13- The Rodari Art Gallery. For further information and opening times please call her on (00 39) 347/0485062 or 347/3614842.

How can the works be paid?
The works can be paid in cash (if under € 3,000,00), by cheque, bank transfer, bancomat ATM or Credit Card. We can agree on payment in instalments.

How can the works bought be collected?
The works can be collected personally directly from the Gallery in Alassio.
The works can be sent to the address of your choice with the additional cost of packaging/consignment.
Please call (00 39) 347/048506 or 347/3614842 for any further information. CONSIGNMENTS WORLDWIDE. 

What are the characteristics of Alessia’s works?
Alessia’s works are generally painted with a water based paint on cloths with a 5 cm thick frame.Such thickness is elaborated with enamel and is an integral part of the art work in fact 99% of her works DON’T need a frame.