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As well as her own pictorial art, Alessia Rodari also does restoration work on frescos and canvases. She’s worked for important restoration firms completing very prestigious works such as “L’Eremo” of Saint Catherine del Sasso on Lake Maggiore, the Basilica of San Vittore in Varese and the Grotto of the Annunciazione in Nazareth (Israel).

The passion for restoration work makes Alessia Rodari a complete artist that knows how to love ancient art a lot as much as the modern and contemporary one.




Collaboration with various restoration firms:

  • ;The Giorgio Gioia firm of Turin with the restoration “Eremo” of Saint Catherine at Leggiuno;

  • The ARKE firm of Varese; among the most important restorations, the Basilica of Saint Vittore and the Chiesa della Motta both in Varese;

  • The ICSA firm of Sesto Calende (VA); execution restoration of sculpture works of the Butti museum in Viggiù and execution restoration in studio of various canvases coming from the Villa Oliva in Busto.

  • The CO.RE.S. of Vengono Superiore (VA); execution of various restorations in villas and Churches however, among the most important, the prestigious restoration of the Grotto Dell’Annunciazione in Nazareth (ISRAEL);