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You can perceive traits of figures, landscapes appear originating from energetic and decisive strokes of colour. The pictorial material that glides across the canvas creates the image thought of by the artist and transformed into in vivacious tints. On one side there are the silent glimses of nature, from the fields to the woods, that find in Alessia’s paintings, contrary situations searched for as well, in the sky-scrapers and in the streets of the big metropolitan cities

These are the main themes where the positive aggressivity of the young artist renews itself in a real explosion. Her works arise from her charged emotion in which the spectator can only search for private feelings only anticipated by the creative hand. The silence, the dreamlike vision, the dimension of touching memories, the desire for freedom, the will to tell and relate, are only some of the readings found in the natural landscapes.

Cities that appear to be deserted entrap energy, excitement and velocity belonging to a different time from the realities described previously. In both situations however, opposed and counterposed, you can see trails, lights, traits, drops and spots that fill the originally white space, giving it new life through a real and true scenic design.

Art Critic – from the critic Lara Treppiede