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Alessia Rodari, born in Cittiglio (Varese) 02/12/1978

Higher Education and Studies:

Artistico Angelo Frattini of Varese - Artistic section, four years plus one supplementary year.

The Academy of Fine Arts Aldo Galli of Como, learning painting and restoration, four years plus thesis; reccomended with a plaque for a contest held within the Academy.



Collaboration with various restoration firms:

  • The Giorgio Gioia firm of Turin with the restoration “Eremo” of Saint Catherine at Leggiuno;

  • The ARKE firm of Varese; among the most important restorations, the Basilica of Saint Vittore and the Chiesa della Motta both in Varese;

  • The ICSA firm of Sesto Calende (VA); execution restoration of sculpture works of the Butti museum in Viggiù and execution restoration in studio of various canvases coming from the Villa Oliva in Busto.

  • The CO.RE.S. of Vengono Superiore (VA); execution of various restorations in villas and Churches however, among the most important, the prestigious restoration of the Grotto Dell’Annunciazione in Nazareth (ISRAEL);

Since 2010 she’s expanded her working experience in the art world opening her own Gallery of contemporary art “Rodari Art Gallery” in Alassio (SV) where she displays her works in collaboration with other artists.


Exhibitions and acknoledgements

  • Collective at the 5th Biennial of Art in Montecarlo from 28/6 till 02/07/12.

  • PRIZE WINNER “ANGURIA D’ORO” of the Mambrin brothers of Bordighera – the oldest art prize of Italy – 04/09/2012.

  •  Exhibition at ARTEPADOVA from 06/11 till 09/12/12 with the Rodary Art Gallery.

  • Collective at the 1st BIENNAL OF PALERMO FROM 09/01/2013 till 10/2/2013 with the critic of Paolo Levi and the sponsorship of Vittorio Sgarbi.

  • Collective at ARTE INNSBRUCK with the Art Gallery “La Telaccia” of Turin 21/02/2013 till 24/02/2013

  • Collective at “Dialogue with the Biennal of Venice 2013” with the cultural association ”Napoli Nostra” from 29/06/2013 till 10/07/2013 at the art centre SAN VIDAL – Campo San Zaccaria - Venice

  • Personal exhibition “Tra Natura e Metropoli” (Between Nature and Metropolis) in the Medieval Tower of the Saints Cosma and Damiano Church in Gazzada Schianno (VA) from 11th till 15th September 2013. Presentation Lara Treppiede, Art critic.

  • Collective at “Arte Capri October 2013” with the cultural association “Napoli Nostra” – art gallery Anacapri from 05/10/2013 till 13/10/2013 (Island of Capri).

  • FIERA Arte Genova dal 13 al 16 febbraio 2015 con la Rodari Art Gallery. Exhibition: “Art Genoa” from 13th till 16th February 2015 with the Rodari Art Gallery.

  • FIERA Arte Cremona dal 14 al 16 marzo 2015 con la Galleria Incontrart di Genova. Exhibition “Art Cremona” from 14th till 16th March 2015 with the “Incontrart” Gallery of Genoa.

  • Personal exhibition “Tra Natura e Metropoli” (Between Nature and Metropolis) in Pavia in the Exhibitions Hall of Saint Maria Gualtieri from 17th till 21st September 2014. Presented by the Historian and Art Critic Giorgio Gregorio Grasso.

  • “Art Cremona” from 14th till 16th March 2015“Art Cremona” from 14th till 16th March 2015

  • COLLECTIVE EXPO 2015 - International Contemporary Art – Hydroelectric Station from 02 till 31st July 2015 – Giorgio Grasso Organisation, Historian and Art Critic.

  • Personal exhibition “Tra Natura e Metropoli” (Between Nature and Metropolis) in Varese in the hall of the Tattile Museum in the Villa Baragiola from 10th till 25th October 2015.