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Alessia Rodari

Nature and worldliness in an expressive freedom which moves and renews itself in the soul of Alessia Rodari. Be it that she espresses herself through landscapes or with an abstract she succeeds in making us sense the magic that wraps each of her works.

Also when the static pictorial expression of the artist portrays a place made of “skyscraper trees”, this becomes movement and with it unconditionaltransport towards a pleasantly harmonious vision. Two motionless elements such as trees and skyscrapers, distinguish the artist’s work that manages, with the skilful use of colour, to make them mobile and not still and synthetic trasmitting therefore an image of them which isn’t trivial.Here’s where colour becomes essential to enhance the ability to enable “nature also to speak about cement”.

Through her works, Alessia Rodari submerges us in a world where the magic of art makes everything pleasant to the point that it becomes difficult to take our gaze away from works that captivate us taking us into a dream.


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